The Viproxy® NEOS is an integrated pressure regulator valve with a digital gauge.
It shows a clear and large display indicating remaining time at the selected flow and remaining pressure of the cylinder.

Thanks to the new digital gauge, the uses of cylinders are optimized and deliver great savings for the final user and healthcare facilities.

The Viproxy NEOS valve will enhance patient safety, optimize caregivers’ time and save money. It allows caregivers to focus on overall patient safety thanks to:

  1. Display Showing all crucial parameters
  2. Exact supply time while in use
  3. Audible and visible alerts
  4. Cost-effective and efficient use of cylinder

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Technical features:

  • Suitable for up to 300 bar oxygen service pressure (4351 PSI)
  • Digital gauge available with PSI or bar scales
  • Non return valve in the filling port
  • Conforms to all the requirements of EN-ISO 10524-3
  • CE and π marked according to the European Directives
    for Medical devices and transportable pressure equipment
  • MRI compatible certified up to 3 Tesla
  • Conforming to the PILL test ASTM G-175 (up to 300 bar)
  • 5 Years Battery Lifetime
  • IP Rate: 65
  • Constant Measurement of pressure and temperature inside the cylinder
  • Continuous Pressure Sampling
  • Alerts for low content level and low battery
Additional features:

  • Hospital bed hanger available for all handle versions
  • Protection handles conforming to ISO 11117
  • Configuration available with 1 or 2 outlets. Barbed fitting for 1/4” I.D. hose and auxiliary connection with pressure fixed at 4 bar (58 PSI)
  • Anti-filling device in the filling port
  • Filling port protection nut
  • Bursting disc device
  • Excess flow device
  • Special smart filter cartridge

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