We understand the need for patients to remain active while receiving at-home care, and in order to do so, they need lightweight and portable solutions.
Viproxy® Atom valve with integrated pressure regulator for medical Oxygen works reliably in home care Oxygen therapy. The valve was designed not only to be reliable under all operating conditions, but already in the design phase a distinctive target was set to make use and operating features simple and carefree.Looking at the benefits, people get out of the house and remain engaged in life outside their home. While out, using oxygen makes it easier to do more, brain thinks more clearly — and people are much happier when in the company of others.
Technical features

  • The first optimized solution for home healthcare
  • Compact and light design suitable for pressure up to 300 bar oxygen service pressure (4350 PSI)
  • Active gauge available with PSI or bar scales and fluorescent dial
  • Non return valve in the filling port
  • Total weight with protection cap: 900 gr. ~ (for the fully equipped version)
  • Conforms all the requirements of EN-ISO 10524-3
  • CE and π marked according to the European Directives for Medical devices and trasportable pressure equipment
Optional features

  • Custom Flow Scales available upon request
  • Other Active gauge
  • Configuration available with 1 outlet. Barbed fitting for 1/4” I.D. hose or Quick connection with pressure fixed at 4 bar (58 PSI)
  • Antifilling device available upon request
  • Filling port protection plug in metal or plastic
  • Excess flow device available upon request
  • Special dip tube or special smart filter cartridge

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