1 Touch

– ALL IN ONE solution – Easy handling and highly performing
– Compact and light design
– User friendly
– Suitable for home care, intensive care and baby care
– HIGH PERFORMANCE piston pressure regulator
– Use for Oxygen/nitrous oxide mixture (50-50%), Air, Heliox
– Suitable for pressure up to 300 bar
Technical features:

– Suitable for up to 300 bar oxygen service pressure
– Incorporates a high performance piston regulator
– Active gauge available PSI and Bar scales on fluorescent dial
– Total weight with protection cap: 1.400 gr.
– Conforms all the requirement of EN ISO 10524-3
– CE and π marked according to the European Directives for Medical devices and transportable pressure equipment
– MRI Compatible
– Conforming to the Pill test ASTM G175

Optional features:

– Hospital bed hanger available
– Protection handles conforming to ISO 11117
– Non-active gauge
– Configuration available with 1 or 2 outlet. Barbed fitting for 1/4″ I.D. hose and Quick connection with pressure fixed at 4 bar (58 PSI)
– Antifilling device and non return valve in the filling port
– Filling port protection nut
– Bursting disc device
– Excess flow device

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